Firingsculpture | Hlydrun
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About This Project

Hlydrun | Displacement | Iceland

Height 3m, length 6m, weight 9 ton. Made August 2006 in front of The Nordic House in Reykjavik, Iceland, as part of the program of Reykjavik Culture Night 2006. The sculpture is inspired of the Icelandic landscape, with evidence of the Earth crusts sliding apart and new glowing material emerging to the surface. The neighbourhood of two Icelandic architectural icons also affects the shape: The Nordic House and the big centrally placed Hallgrims Church.
The sculpture is built out of several sorts of clay, soft earthenware clay and white stoneware clay, which together with variations in temperature have given it a rich variation in colour.

Assistants on the 3-week project were: Michael Wilson, Helen Wallgren, August Sørensen, Asa Shimada, Maja Stina Oskarsdottir, Ditte Kilsgaard Møller, Solveig Grønborg, Mogens Clausen and Anne Bull.