Firingsculpture | Ballast
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About This Project

Ballast | Ballast | Sonderborg, Denmark

Made August 2007 for Museum Cathrinesminde Brickworks’ by Flensborg Fjord, near Sønderborg in Denmark. The 3m high sculpture was made out of 8 ton of 3 different coloured clays. Around 1800 there was a very big brick- and tile industry here, Denmark had colonies in the West Indies and the sailing ships often took bricks as ballast to cross the Atlantic. The sculpture was like a pile of bricks, that were forgotten, tilting towards the water. Seconds after the devailing a piece of the sculpture nearest the waterfront as expected broke off, and the falling mass of glowing clay added to impressing performance.

Assistants were: Aleksander Krohn, Andreina Franceschi Pérez, Barbara Eriksen, Birte Kildahl-Høghh, Helene Søs Schødts, Jannie, Karin Frankenstein, Lene Roehrig Kjær, Lourdes Zapata, Mogens Clausen, Tina Hjuleraa, Tommy Juul ørensen.