Firingsculpture | CV
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Jørgen Hansen
Brief CV

2017 ‘På Tværs af Tiden’ Firingsculpture in Ebeltoft, Denmark
2017 ‘Fissures’ Firingsculpture in Saintes, France
2016 ‘Ways to Make’ Arts and Craft, Munich
2015 ‘The Heart is Red’ Biennial for Crafts and Design 2015, Carlsberg
2014 ‘Ring of Bones’, Firingsculpture at the shore of Mossø in Denmark. For the town Skanderborg.
2013 ’Rosenvang’, ceramic permanent installation at Rosenvang Lokalcenter og Plejeboliger
2012 ‘Five Trees’ built and fired publicly outside exhibition space, where they later were the central part of my installation ‘Garden of Life’ . Viborg, Denmark.
2011 Invited artist for International Ceramic Festival 2011, UK , Work: ‘Butterfly’
2010 The Danish prize for Applied Arts of 1879. Exhibition at ‘Designmuseum Denmark’, Copenhagen.
2009 ’29 Choza Award Contemporary Ceramic Biennial Exhibition’, Tokoname JAPAN, work: ‘Night’
2008 Judges’s Special Award, 7th Mashiko International Ceramics Competition, Japan
2007 Partipitation with proposal and Ceramic model for Architectural Competition, Madrid
2007 Crafts – and Design Biennale, Denmark, work: ‘Pisces’
2006 Invited Artist, Pontevedra, Galicien, Spain, lecture and firingsculpture.
2004 Museum of International Ceramic Art, Denmark, exhibition: ‘Voices of Europe’.
1999 Westerwald Ceramic Museum, Germany: 1.price at European Ceramics ’99.
1998 Artist in Residence, Academy of the Arts, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.
1997 Taastrup Theatre, outdoors sculptural group ‘Catch The Ball’.
1994 First Firingsculpture of which today 21 in Denmark and many countries.
1989 Teacher at the Design school Kolding.
1972 Started own workshop in Denmark.

Education: 1965-72 in various workshops France, England and Canada.

List of my firingsculptures 1994 -2014

2017 ‘På Tværs af Tiden’ Ebeltoft, Denmark
2017 ‘Fissures’ Saintes, France
2014 ‘Ring of Bones’, Alken, Denmark. Made of local clay.
2011 ‘Butterfly’, Aberystwyth,Wales for International Ceramic Festival H.2,5m
2009 ‘The Black Box’, Aarhus , Denmark H 1.80m
2009 ‘Bread’, Voglje, Slovenia, H 2m, 1 tons. Moved to the city of Kranj
2008 ‘Sesame, Open!’ Herredsvang, Denmark. After the firing installed indoors.
2007 ‘Ballast’, Cathrinesminde Brickworks Museum, Denmark, H 3m, L 4m, 9 tons
2006 ‘Displacement’, The Nordic House, Reykjavik, Iceland – H. 6m, L.6m, 9 tons
2004 ‘Wearisome Paths’, Viborg, Denmark, H. 3m, 6 tons
2004 ‘Sun and Moon’, The Danish Ceramic Museum , H. 3m 4,5 tons
2003 ‘L’Incontro’, Perugia, Italy, H. 2,2m
2002 ‘Verwandlungskreis’, Berlin, Germany – D. 4m, H.2,6m 8 tons
2001 ‘By the Sea’, Ebeltoft, Denmark – H 2,6m, 6 tons
2001 ‘Maren’s Lace’, Tønder, Denmark – H 2m, L 2.5m, 4 tons
2000 ‘The Journey’, Fredericia, Denmark – H. 4m, 4 tons
1999 ‘End Wall’, Perth, Australia – H. 2m, L 3m, 4 tons
1998 ‘After The Cowboys’, Tasmania, Australia – D 3m, H 2,4m, 4 tons
1998 ‘There is a Whisper From the Woods’, Stockholm, Sveden – D. 3m, H 2.2m, 4 tons
1997 ‘Cathedral of The Soul’, Aarhus, Denmark – H. 2m, L. 2,2m, 2 tons
1996 ‘The Currach Man’, Ballyferriter, Kerry, Ireland – H 3,5m, 2 tons
1995 ‘House of The Rising Sun’, Gulgong, NSW, Australia , H.2m
1994 ‘Glowing Columns’, Trapholt Museum, Denmark – H 2,5m

Books and articles:

Sculptures by Jørgen Hansen, article by professor Vince Mc Grath in Ceramics Technical no.14, 2002
Glowing Clay, Firingsculptures by Jørgen Hansen, book 2003, text Lisbeth Bonde, Danish writer and art critic.
Ceramics in The Environment, book 2005 by Janet Mansfield
Jørgen Hansen, article by Antonio Vivas in Ceramica no.97, 2005
Children of the Dark, article by Lisbeth Bonde in CeramicsMagazineEurope no.6, 2006
Firing – Philosophies within Contemporary Ceramic Practice. Book 2007 by David Jones.
Jørgen Hansen, De regreso de Japan, Revista Arquitectura COAM 354, 2008
Hansen, the clay and the fire, Article by Lars Svanholm, Danish artist and writer in Artmagazine Janus no.1 2008.
Keramiche skulpture Joergena Hansena , Article by Ifigeija Simonovic published in AMPAK, mesecnik za kulturo, politiko in gospodarstvo, september-oktober 2009.
‘Tilværelsens Gårdhave. Book / Cataloge, Article by Helene Nyborg Bay 2012